Difference between Samyang 7.5mm, Samyang 8mm and Minolta 16mm on a full frame sensor camera

The following three images illustrate the three fish eye lenses on Sony cameras with a full frame size sensor (for example the Sony ILCE-7). To get these kind of images on a full frame sized sensor you have to shave the lenshood of the Samyang lenses.

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A small size comparison between the Sony SEL1855 and the Sony SEL55210 lens. They are both moubted on the Sony NEX-5.
Today I did some tests with the two lens adapters Sony LA-EA2 and Sony LA-EA4, which can be used to adapt a lens with a Sony A-mount to a camera with an Sony E-mount.
The talk showcased the benefits of reprojecting equirectangular panoramas for static presentations. We have presented “simple” reprojections and also two–step reprojections using a series of transformations. An overview was given about the different available tools to reproject panoramas. Numerous “real life” examples were shown, including the original equirectangular image and possible reprojections.
We participated in the WWP611 event (family). Each of us shot a panorama showing 14 PanoTwins in a single panorama. Both panoramas were shot simultaneously. We also shot a "Making of" timelapse video you can see here:
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This article shows the unpacking of the Sony Cyber-shot DSC-RX100 from the box.

I wondered about the impact of my corrections at the stage of post-processing the test-images from yesterdays article. To answer this question I picked the image taken with an aperture of f=8 and compare a uncorrected and a corrected version of the image.
Sony SEL55210 E-Mount Lens
Comparing Sony LA-EA2 and Sony LA-EA4
Comparing image crops of Sony LA-EA2 and Sony
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Author: PanoTwin Markus

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3 thoughts on “Difference between Samyang 7.5mm, Samyang 8mm and Minolta 16mm on a full frame sensor camera”

  1. Hi! What kind of adapter are you using? I know about the Fotodiox, which has really bad ratings… is there a better one?

    1. Hi Sebastian,

      we are using different ones. But also the Fotodiox one. The first one was one I bought some years ago at Photokina. My osecond one is from Fotodiox. PanoTwin Jürgen also bought a Fotodiox.

      The general problem with all of them is, that the ones we got are all not very precise. However we managed to fix these problems but not for all the camera bodies involved 🙁

      See also this article:

      One of the problems is e.g. that the E-Mount of PanoTwin Jürgen’s a6300 does not work with any of our total of four different adapter rings we have…

      Hope this helps,
      PanoTwin Markus

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