Difference between Samyang 7.5mm and Samyang 8mm on an APS-C sensor camera

The following two images illustrate the two fish eye lenses on Sony cameras with an APS-C size sensor (for example the Sony ILCE-6000 or the Sony ILCE-QX1). To get these kind of images on an APS-C sized sensor you have to shave the lenshood of the Samyang 7.5mm.

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One thought on “Difference between Samyang 7.5mm and Samyang 8mm on an APS-C sensor camera”

  1. hi markus
    I’m just an newbie and want to know your advise about MEIKE MK-6.5mm F2.0 E-Mount Fisheye Lens vs Samyang 7.5mm
    1-which one is better and sharper quality?
    2-if i use MEIKE MK-6.5mm lense with sony qx1 camera, is it possible to get spherical panorama with just 2 shot? or even 3 shot?
    3-i read this article
    and you told you get 5 shot with Samyang 7.5mm fish eye lens on a Sony QX1 camera
    is it your decision to get 4 around shot or is it Possible to get 3 shot and achive
    same spherical panorama?
    thanks for your great website and infomations

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