Making of WWP312 Paths Event

I used this tripod construction – a monopod mounted on a tripod – to shoot the WWP- Paths event. You can see the finished panorama on the WWP homepage.

Making Of WWP Paths
Making Of WWP Paths

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This is from my 2019 calender either the June or the December page.

The Glaumbær farm is a museum that gives you a really interesting perspective on how the poeple lived in former times in Iceland.

This cylindrical panorama shows the Reschensee (Italian: Lago di Resia) which is an artificial lake in South Tyrol (Italy). The lake is famous for the steeple of a 14th century church which was submerged, when the lake was flooded.

This panorama shows a part of the West Harbour in Frankfurt.

A quick and dirty cylindrical panorama made from two images shot with the panorama mode of a Sony NX5.
Diana Temple – Double Droste Spiral
Castle Lichtenstein
Glaumbær Farm (Museum)
Reschensee with submerged steeple
Comparing images from Opernplatz, Frankfurt am Main (2004
Opernplatz (Frankfurt am Main) in the summer of
Making of WWP 917 Wood by @panotwinmarkus
Gespensterwald, Nienhagen
West Harbour Frankfurt
PanoTools Meeting 2010 Group Shot

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