PanoTools Meeting 2013 Messina Sicily Second Impression

This years PanoTools Meeting took place in Messina, Italy. This panorama shows the meeting venue on the first day, short before the meeting started. The PanoTwins presented their talk about how to use spherical panoramas aka Photo Spheres in the Google universe. See the two posts here and here.

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Camera Maker: SONY
Camera Model: NEX-6
Exposure Time (sec): 1/30
F-Number: 7.1
Focal Length (mm): 7.5
Lens: Walimex 7.5mm/F3.5
ISO: 200 
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This panorama shows the courtyard of the Tower 185 in Frankfurt/M. It was taken with a pole extended to a height of approx. 3,15 m.
More than 40 MTB- & BMX-Cyclists participated at the third EX&HOP contest.

This image shows a reprojected image of the subway station oberwiesenfeld in Munich. The projection is "transverse mercator".

First experiments with MICE to stitch a cylindrical panorama from video footage

Participants of the PanoTools Meeting 2010 on the first evening at The Treasury.
This is a panorama taken with the Panono Explorer. The camera was mounted on a 6,5m high painter pole.

I shot this panorama on the way back from the beautiful Hengifoss to the parking lot. You can see Hengifoss in the distance near the top of the hilll and Lagarfljót stretching below for about 25km.

Víti (which is icelandic for 'hell') is a crater lake in the vulcanic area of the Krafla vulcano.

The Den Haag Passage is a shopping mall opened in 1885 and is an UNESCO and also a national monument. After extensive restoration works in 2007 the marble floor and the facades now resemble the original state.

In the courtyard of Tower 185
Streetlife Festival 2011, Ex+Hop Contest
Reprojected subway station (Oberwiesenfeld, Munich)
Cylindrical Panorama from a Video Source
The Treasury Table Shot 6
An UFO has landed
View over Lagarfljót near Hengifoss
Reprojected spherical panorama at Víti (Krafla, Iceland).
Heading for Planes and Trains
Oldest Shopping Mall of The Netherlands

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