Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich – Stereographic Double Up

This is from my 2018 calender either the April or the October page.

Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich - Stereographoc Double Up

See the interactive version here.

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This year ended with a photographic experiment. Each of us used two sparklers to write 2013 in the air.

In this image we used sparklers to write 2014 in the air.
This image shows a reprojected version of this panorama.

This spherical panorama shows the Frühstückspavillon in Kassel (Germany).
This panorama shows the atrium of the Bavarian Ministry of Justice in Munich.

This year we started with a photographic experiment. We recruited three assistants and used some sparklers to write 2014 in the air.

In this image we used sparklers to write 2014 in the air.
Surfing is a popular water sport you would not expect in Munich, hundreds of kilometers away from the next coast line. However this panorama shows one of the most unique surf spots. A standing wave at the Eisbach.

The Alter Südfriedhof is an old Munich cemetary. Dead bodies have been burried here between 1563 and 1943. Nowadays it serves as a quiet sanctuary in the busy city centre. The panorama shows the entrance between the older and the newer part of the cemetary.

I shot the panorama using a Walimex 7.5mm fish eye lens mounted on a Sony ILCE-QX1. I took four images - one in each cardinal direction - on a extended monopod construction. The nadir was shot additionally and retouched afterwards.

Good-bye 2013
Reprojected Ludwig-Maximilians-University Areaway
Frühstückspavillon in Kassel
Bavarian Ministry of Justice Atrium
Happy new year 2014
Surfing at Eisbach Bridge View
Mall of Berlin
Alter Südfriedhof Munich Entrance
Prague Castle – Changing Of The Guard
Protected: In den Adlerwerken

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